I’ve made another very difficult business decision….  One that has been at least a year in the making!  I have decided it’s time to shut the doors of White Rose Photography.  It is a bittersweet decision to say the least.

I’ve had some awesome clients and made new friends along the way!  But I’ve always known that White Rose was a stepping stone for me into something else.  And while I don’t yet know what that something else is – I believe it is time for me to shut this down so I can start pursuing that new chapter of my life.

I will remain committed to the baby plan members who have recently signed up.

I will remain committed to serving those who have set up consultation sessions with me for the near future.

I will even continue ‘dabbling’ in stock photography.  And will continue working with my current models as well as possibly take on other models from time to time.

As I said, this is bittersweet for me!  I have learned and grown so much!!!  But I do know the time has come for this decision!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through the years!!!!

Difficult Decision

Little ChefI’ve had in the back of my mind for quite some time now the need to restructure my business a bit.  The time has finally come to implement those changes.

NOTE:  These changes will NOT affect current clients unless they CHOOSE to change their plans to fit the new plan.

Nor will they affect High School Seniors.  However, seniors that have modeled for me in the past will receive a 10% discount on prints from their senior session.  (Press printed products will not be discounted and photos must be ordered and paid for within 30 days of being notified that your images are ready for preview.) 

While it’s been fun and a huge learning experience – I have made the difficult decision to no longer offer the Baby Collection.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t be able to capture your baby’s first year in beautiful portraits!  But the plan as it is currently structured will not be available for new clients.

New clients will have the opportunity to join the White Rose Photography Model program (view details HERE) or choose to order your sessions separately.

The model program is an AWESOME opportunity and makes it even more affordable for families!

CLICK HERE for details about the White Rose Photography Model Program today!

As always, if you have any questions or would like to inquire about becoming a model for White Rose Photography, please call Me (Michelle) at 585.208.6913 or email me at mdmilliman@gmail.com.






Order any rag skit from Crazy Daisy Designs and receive a FREE portrait session with White Rose Photography!  Plus you will automatically be entered into our Rag Skirt Portrait Contest where the winner will receive a 16×20 wall portrait of your favorite image from your Rag Skirt session.  All portrait Rag Skirt Sessions must take place on or before October 18, 2013.

Details about the contest coming soon!  (Be sure to “Like” White Rose Photography on Facebook to keep up to date with this awesome promotion!!)

Call Crazy Daisy Designs at 585.957.5213 to order your Rag Skirt today!

Then contact White Rose Photography at 585.208.6913 to set up your FREE portrait session.


sm douglass sadie-2810 straightsadie6mos-9383

sm douglass_sadie1yr-6729


Sadie is all grown up!  For each of Sadie’s one year baby plan sessions we used this lovely pink and brown tutu made by Crazy Daisy Designs.  I LOVE her tutus and I LOVE taking a series like this with the little girls that come into my studio.  It really shows how much they have grown and changed in just one year!  The tutu looks quite large on her in her newborn portraits…  But in just one year they don’t look quite so large any more!  Order a newborn tutu from Crazy Daisy Designs and receive a newborn session with White Rose Photography for FREE!  Or upgrade to the full baby plan for just $59!  (Normally $99!).



Valentine Promotion!

We have an AWESOME valentine promotion going on with Crazy Daisy Designs!!

For more information please click HERE!!

Image Folios

COVER  (Front is Emerson’s Newborn Portrait and back is from his Cake Smash session)

INSIDE PANEL 1 (Emerson – 6 mos)

INSIDE PANEL 2 (Emerson 1 year)

Just received Emerson’s Image Folio.  It came out SUPER CUTE!

I love these image folios and will be offering them once again to each of my baby plan members.  Your image folio will be included with the baby plan price of just $99!!   They are simply BEAUTIFUL! They are 8″x8″ and include 1- 5×7 image from each of your sessions.  (Up to 4 images)

These folios are a perfect way to showcase your baby’s first year and keep those precious memories alive!

For more information about our baby collection, call or text 585.208.6913.  Or email me at mdmilliman@gmail.com.

Don’t miss a single stage of your baby’s first year!


To stay creative sometimes I MUST take a break from portrait work and do something completely different.  Well this past weekend a friend came to visit and we went out shooting.  It was a blast!!!  We went to nearby parks…  Webster Park, the Arboretum (both locations where I do many senior sessions!) and then out to Watkins Glen.

Here are a few photos from those hikes…

There was a wedding at the Arboretum that day and they had several pumpkins with purple ribbons.  Here is Sunny taking pictures of the pumpkins along the walkway.  Sometimes you just have to snap a picture of a photographer at work!  haha!

The water at Webster Park was pretty rough.  We enjoyed capturing the crashing waves!  I wanted this photo to have a cold, stark look to it so I processed it accordingly!

More waves…  but this time I gave it kept the warm beautiful tones of the evening sun!  Contrasting with the cold, stormy looking waves!

Sunny photographing the waves.  I love the drama of the backlighting!

On the way home from Webster Park we spotted several deer alongside the road.  We had to stop and take pictures!  So long as we stayed in our vehicle they didn’t seem to scare!  Caught this one stealing an apple from the farmer!!

On Sunday we headed out to Watkins Glen State Park.  I haven’t photographed falls in years!  I got my fill of waterfalls!!  haha!  We spent 5 hours hiking the gorge!!  It was very fun and thoroughly exhausting!!  I could barely move when we got back to the car and every inch of my body hurt! But of course totally worth it!

This is one of my first attempts at HDR Photography!  I used 5 exposures of this scene and merged them together.  Yeah, I LOVE the look of HDR and have plans to play with it a lot more in the near future!!!!

As you can tell I had a BLAST this weekend!!!!  And am looking forward to trying my hand at more landscapes and also HDR photography!


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